WSIB Claims

WSIB Claims


20 Years of experience in WSIB claims, appeals & consultations for both employers and employees.

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Our WSIB Paralegal Services offer representation for employers’ and workers’ WSIB claims and appeals for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.


Our WSIB paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada and are skilled in providing key support to both injured workers and employers so as to better integrate improved health care and return to work.



Are you an injured worker? Are you struggling while trying to handle your WSIB claim? Our WSIB Paralegals can help you. They can represent you at any stage of your WSIB claim.


You might be experiencing unclear policy interpretations while making your WSIB Loss of Earnings (LOE) claim or Future Economic Loss Awards,(FEL). You could be experiencing chronic pain and be in no physical or mental condition to fill out the forms.

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Our WSIB paralegals are skilled and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. They have the expert knowledge to support you every step of the way when making WSIB claims and appeals in the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.


You may have a repetitive strain injury, occupational disease, or a psycho traumatic disability. Our WSIB Paralegals will establish your needs in terms of Initial entitlement, Ongoing Entitlement, Full Recovery, Work Reintegration (WR), Return to Work (RTW), and Work Transition Plans (WTP).


Our trusted WSIB Paralegals serve Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas. Every case is individually treated with care and concern for your well being and a successful outcome.