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Our Paralegal Toronto office can serve any case in Ontario. Diamondparalegal.ca is a group of successful and professional, Ontario licensed, paralegals serving Toronto, GTA and Ontario. We offer paralegal services for court and tribunal representation, Small Claims Court representation, applications, case management, appeals, case management and more.

Do you need straightforward answers to legal questions? Are you a Small Claims Court claimant or defendant? Have you been charged with a Provincial Offense? Have you been let go after years of good work? Are you dealing with landlord or tenant disputes? Our paralegals in Toronto are leaders in paralegal services with an outstanding track record of success here in Toronto, GTA & Ontario.

Not all paralegal firms are alike. Our licensed paralegals have a complete range of experience that will provide you with the trusted expertise that you’re looking for.

Do you need representation in or out of court? Are court documents confusing you? Our paralegal services are skilled, reliable and cost effective.

Get the answers you need right now. You don’t have to wait. Our professional paralegal Toronto services will provide you with the options and answers you need in a constructive and respectful environment. No matter how serious your situation is Diamondparalegal.ca licensed paralegals will stand up for you. Get straightforward answers to all your paralegal questions.